According to James A. Zadoorian, president and COO of TriCap Technology Group, “The revenue cycle, as currently configured, has hit its upper limit within its adaptive evolutionary range.”

In a new white paper, The Financial Liberation of U.S. Health Systems, published by insidePatientFinance and TriCap Technology Group, Zadoorian argues that too many gains in revenue cycle management are being offset by neutralizing factors and performance tradeoffs. “Gains in performance that a generation ago had been secured by way of revenue cycle’s size and complexity are now offset by losses in revenue visibility and integrity, with a commensurate increase in back-in costs to correct for these inefficiencies.”

This new free report explores the question: Why are health systems holding onto a fundamentally broken revenue cycle when advances used successfully in other industries are available?


To read more about The Financial Liberation of U.S. Health Systems, download a free copy of the white paper.

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