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IRC ยง 501 (r) Developments and the Importance of Compliance Programs

1 December 2016

New Study Examines Patient Payment and the Affordable Care Act

16 November 2016

New HFMA Study Examines Rise of Self-Pay

27 September 2016

Managing ACA-Insured Patients

30 July 2014

Managing Patients Who Are Uninsured-by-Choice

25 April 2014

CMS Continues to Tinker with 'Two-Midnight' Rule

10 April 2014

The Future of Bad Debt: The American Worker with Employer Health Insurance

7 April 2014

Growing Bad Debt is Not the Disease, but the Symptom--Part 2

26 March 2014

Four Steps to Manage the Risks and Rewards of Patient Payments

21 March 2014

Growing Bad Debt Is Not the Disease, But the Symptom -- Part 1

21 March 2014

Hospitals Ask Feds to Treat Medical Debt Differently

5 March 2014

CMS Agrees to Expand ICD-10 Testing

25 February 2014

The Two Pillars of Partner Compliance: Transparency and Information Security

24 February 2014

Compliance and Your Partners: Is Everyone Doing Their Part?

21 February 2014

Overcoming "Moral Challenges" to Point-of-Service Collections

11 February 2014

Putting the 'Management' in Denials Management

4 February 2014

Ease Transition to Obamacare with Early-Out Partner

31 January 2014

The Three "R's" of Denials Management

30 January 2014

The Secret to Successful Point-of-Service Collections

28 January 2014

Getting the Most from Your Preadmissions Process -- Conclusion

22 January 2014