In today’s technology-driven world, people with cell or smart phones look at them countless times in a given day. In fact, in the course of reading these two sentences, you’ve probably looked at your own phone because of an incoming text or email or to fact check the assertion that people check their mobile devices “countless times in a given day.”

Since people spend so much time on their phones already—finding an app that helps improve health provides an added benefit to a behavior that Americans routinely engage in for other purposes. That rationale is part of the reason why Accretive Health’s recent partnership with Retrofit, Inc., is such an exciting move for our company.

Retrofit, Inc., is an innovative weight loss program that uses wireless devices and provides each client their own expert weight loss team. Not all of us gain weight the same, and not all of us are going to lose it the same. A program that tailors a fitness regimen to the individual, rather than shoehorning an individual into a program makes perfect sense with the way we tailor our technology to our lives.

Steven Klopfer, our vice president, human resources here at Accretive Health had this to say in a recent Chicago Tribune article: “We align ourselves with organizations that reflect our philosophy of promoting health, education and prevention. Providing our employees with an opportunity to adopt healthy behaviors is reflective of the way we support our clients in their mission to better patient health.”

We’re taking advantage of the latest in technology with this data-driven approach to weight loss for busy professionals. We’ll also benefit from increased productivity and lower health care costs. And we see this as a clear demonstration of our commitment to a healthier workplace.

Check out if you want to start a similar program in your own organization or contact Maureen Daugherty via email ( at Accretive Health to find out more about why we’re exploring this innovation with our Chicagoland employees.

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