CLS, the maker of Collection-Master® 8.0, a specialty debt collection software the largest law firms in the nation announce the selection and integration of PaymentVision’s leading collections universal payment gateway.

“The teaming of Collection-Master 8.0 and PaymentVision 3.0 produces one of the most powerful collection tools on the market. This capability not only offers efficient claims acceleration but built-in growth tools such as real-time connection to multi-state offices, ODBC access for real time data mining and reporting all seamlessly integrating in to your existing data mining software and an intelligent document productivity interface that links directly to PaymentVision”, said Nicholas D. Arcaro, Vice President Sales and Marketing, CLS.

With PaymentVision’s universal gateway users now have three 24x 7 state-of-the-art payment automation capabilities:

  • PayAgent – Processes payment online at Virtual Terminal
  • PayIVR – Self-service payment option allow you to take payment 24/7 over an automated phone system
  • PayWeb – Self-service payment option allow you to take payment 24/7 at your website

“This creates a powerful advantage, particularly for debt servicers, in retaining and attracting new business from the issuers”, said Robert Pollin, President, PaymentVision.

Here are just a few of the exciting new benefits:

  • Tokenization and PCI DSS Level 1 Security: The user will receive the highest level of compliance available with the PaymentVision platform, credit card and checking account data is tokenized” a recognized best practice storage method in the industry.
  • Card Type Filtering: Allows you to block all credit cards or only those that have been issued by a particular bank.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Employs technology that ensures collectors and supervisory logins only happen from trusted workstation within your office.
  • Bank Account Verification: Provides an on-demand run mode for its Bank Account Verification service to verify that the account is open, in good-standing and has not had any noteworthy NSF activity.
  • Batch Control: Gives users the ability to control their batch cut-offs, at various organizational levels, for all payment types to comply with client remittance deadlines. In cases where it is not an option to debit a bank account electronically via ACH have net greater checking account debiting flexibility by being able to print checks.
  • Continuous Synchronization: Updates happen continuously throughout the day, from all payment capture channels so you can keep all of your systems in-synch with your collected payments, guarding against FDCPA violations.

“My staff is amazed at the speed increase and has been coming into my office and the need to spend money on faster file servers has been eliminated; needless to say this has saved me thousands of dollars!, exclaimed Mr. Paul M. Ingber of Leikin Ingber & Winters, P.C.

PaymentVision® is driving the industry as a biller direct, PCI-compliant electronic payment gateway leader. PaymentVision® offers clients the unified ability to accept ACH, cash, and credit or debit card payments whether it be in-person, by phone or through internet payment channels. A visionary company with an impressive 20 year history, PaymentVision® is responsible for securely handling billions of transactions for thousands of leading financial institutions, credit unions, collection agencies, credit bureaus, money services, foreign exchange originators, as well as large and small non-financial entities such as healthcare, consumer goods, energy and utilities, telecommunications, insurance companies and municipalities across the nation.

A first choice partner for premium services at discount rates, PaymentVision® works with software providers in targeted vertical markets to integrate payment processing and tokenize sensitive account data via PayAPI, a SOAP based XML web service wia PaymentVisions certified AAP/CTP on staff expertise and dedicated SAS 70 compliant data center.

Founded in 1978, Commercial Legal Software, or CLS has been faithfully serving debt collection attorneys and agencies across the United States for over 30 years. CLS are the makers of Collection-Master®, the most advanced and established specialty software for debt collection, foreclosure, and subrogation. With more than 800 installations nationwide, CLS has built an excellent reputation based on thier innovative legal collection software; customizable, private and public interfaces; customer support and straightforward business philosophy.

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