Today, April 16, 2013, The National List of Attorneys published the white paper on debt collection law in Wyoming, written by Larry W. Harrington, owner of Harrington Law Firm, P.C. The firm provides pre-legal collection, litigation, and post-suit collection in all twenty-three Wyoming counties. Its clients include national debt buyers, banks, credit card lenders, educational lenders, and medical providers. The firm uses JST Collect Max, and receives accounts from most national forwarders electronically through the “You’ve Got Claims” (YGC) network. They have been a member of The National List of Attorneys for 15 years.

Larry obtained his Juris Doctorate Degree from the University of Wyoming Law School and was admitted to the Wyoming State Bar in 1977. He began practice in Casper, Wyoming, in 1981, and began doing consumer collections for national credit-card lenders in 1982. He has been working in the debt collection industry for 31 years. One hundred percent of his law practice is dedicated to debt collection.

Larry’s work has taught him that “most debtors don’t want to be debtors, and they are open to working with their creditors to resolve their credit issues. He enjoys his work because, “Even though every debt collection case has its similarities, every day has its unique challenges.”

Larry Harrington

Larry Harrington

Larry points out to us, “Wyoming has relatively low court costs. New court rules require cases under $50,000 to be brought to judgment in seven months.” He enlarges on this in the paper. “Many debtors come to Wyoming to find work in the oil, gas and coal industries. Wyoming economy has been relatively good, with low unemployment in relationship to other states. Some come from other oil producing states such as Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Others come from areas of low employment such as Michigan.

Because of the transient nature of many Wyoming debtors, the applicable limitation period requires a determination of the residence of the debtor at the time the cause of action accrued.”

Larry is proud to be an active member of the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA), the American Bar Association (ABA), and the Wyoming Bar Association. His firm has won liquidation awards from national collection networks. He is on the Board of Education for his church’s classical school. Larry and his wife live in Casper, Wyoming. They have two grown children. Outside of work he likes running, swimming and travel.

The National List thanks Larry for submitting this paper and for telling us something about himself and his firm. You can access the paper at

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