On October 15, 2013, collection attorneys, judges, scholars and subject matter experts will assemble at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. for a “Legal Symposium on Consumer Debt Collection” presented by the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA).  Attendance is free and the public is welcome.  Due to limited seating, an RSVP is required.

“We are very excited about the NARCA Legal Symposium on Consumer Debt Collection,” stated Joann Needleman, NARCA President-Elect and Chair of the NARCA Legal Symposium Task Force.  “First, we’ve chosen topics that are timely and thought-provoking, some of which are little understood and others that are misunderstood.  Second, we’ve attracted the highest caliber of experts in the nation as panelists.  Third, the Jack Morton Auditorium is an unbelievable forum that really brings it all together.  This is not an event to be missed.”

The Legal Symposium will consist of four panels:

  • Overview of a Consumer Collection Law Firm Practice: An in-depth look at the practice of consumer collection law and why creditors utilize the services of attorneys.

  • The Court System Provides a Level Playing Field: Use of the court system as an effective and appropriate method of debt collection provided attorneys and the courts operate in a manner that protects the interests of all parties and preserves the public trust.

  • Legal Collections – The Essential Link to a Successful Credit-Based Economy: The importance and benefit of our credit-based economy, and why responsible legal debt collection is a healthy function of the credit cycle.

  • Attorney-Consumer Communications: A Roadmap to Resolution: The roles and responsibilities of consumers, as well as debt collection attorneys, and opportunities that exist to provide consumers with the best available avenues in which to participate in the process and resolve their debts.

For more details and information regarding the panels, please visit www.narca.org or the NARCA Legal Symposium Homepage.

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The George Washington University, Jack Morton Auditorium, Media & Public Affairs Building, 805 21st Street, NW, Washington, D.C.


Check-in will start at 8:15 am, and the Legal Symposium will begin at 9:00 am and end at 4:30 pm.


Because of limited seating, an RSVP is required.  Please e-mail your name and organizational affiliation (if any) to legal.symposium@narca.org.

The National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA) is comprised of over 700 skilled debt collection law firms which are required to adhere to NARCA’s Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics.   Attorneys employed by NARCA member law firms are committed to the fair and ethical treatment of all participants in the debt collection process and are required to practice law in a manner consistent with their responsibilities as officers of the court.  As attorneys, they must adhere to applicable state and federal laws, rules of civil procedure, state bar association licensing and certification requirements, and the rules of professional conduct.


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