Ontario Systems, a leading receivables management technology and services provider, has announced its Business Strategy and Planning Director, Ryan Childers, and Service Delivery Manager, Charlie Kimbrough, will lead a presentation at the Technology Services Industry Association’s (TSIA) annual TSW Service Transformations event this year, along with representatives from the world’s top tech services operations. This year’s conference will feature sessions led by executives from Cisco, Salesforce, EMC, Xerox, HP, and others, who will demonstrate work that has made their respective programs the most successful in the world.

“Our partnership with TSIA has provided us with the guidance and forward-looking insight to enable us to introduce transformational changes into our business and continue the evolution of our professional services operations,” Childers said. “TSW Service Transformations provides us with an exciting platform to share with other thought leaders in the tech services space the impact that our new operating model, which was inspired by the concept of positive utilization, has had on our clients and our team.”

TSW Service Transformations features service leaders from around the world who share their successes, trials, and expertise with those in attendance, learning from each other how to run better, more efficient, and more successful services businesses. Those selected to present have demonstrated exceptional leadership in the professional services space among their peers.

Childers, Kimbrough, and TSIA Vice President of Professional Services, Bo DiMuccio, will present “Positive Utilization: Aligning Teams to Positively Contribute to your Strategy,” at the TSW Service Transformations Conference, held at ARIA Resort & Casino on October 21-23. Registration information is available at: http://www.technologyservicesworld.com/register/.

“Our daily operating model, paired with the introduction of positive utilization, has proven to be a game-changing play that has enabled us to align our team’s daily activities to our strategy and to better serve our clients,” Kimbrough added.

“We’ve watched Ontario Systems grow with TSIA into the mature products and services organization it is today,” said DiMuccio. “It’s been inspiring to see their business evolve, as it has been watching all of the companies we host each year at our TSW events. The challenges teams like theirs have met – strategic, operational, and financial – illustrate clearly and objectively how the best services organizations in the world continue to provide new value to their customers.”

The Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) is the world’s leading organization dedicated to advancing the business of technology services. Technology services organizations large and small look to TSIA for world-class business frameworks, best practices based on real-world results, detailed performance benchmarking, exceptional peer networking opportunities, and high-profile certification and awards programs. TSIA corporate members represent the world’s top technology companies as well as scores of innovative small and midsize businesses in four major markets: enterprise IT and telecom, consumer technology, healthcare and healthcare IT, and industrial equipment and technology – www.tsia.com.

Ontario Systems LLC is a leading provider of accounts receivable and strategic receivables management solutions for the collections and healthcare industries. Offering a full portfolio of software, services, and business process expertise, Ontario Systems customers include nine of the 10 largest collections agencies, and three of the five biggest health systems in the U.S., with 55,000 representatives in more than 500 locations. To learn more about how Ontario Systems can help power up your receivables, visit OntarioSystems.com, or email info@ontariosystems.com.

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