On April 16, The National List of Attorneys published the paper on Debt Collection Laws in Wyoming, the last of our ambitious “50 White Papers in 50 Days” project. We actually published 52 papers in 52 working days, including Washington D.C. and the U.S. Virgin Islands. A Bonus for our followers!

As state laws change, watch for follow-up blogs with updates. The first one, “Do Try This at Home! Passage of Bill gives UT Collection Lawyers easier access to DWS information,” will appear here on insideARM tomorrow, 4/18, with a link to a longer “How-To” piece on our website. It’s a good read, whether or not you would like your state to pass a similar bill. (Utah’s Bill is the first of its kind!)

For our “50 Papers” series, a National List member attorney wrote a paper specific to debt collection laws and issues in the state(s) where they practice. On the same day that each paper was published in alphabetical order on the NL website, a blog about the author(s), the firm and a taste of what’s unique about the state’s laws was published on insideARM. Publication began on Feb. 4, 2013.

Each firm selected was asked to write a 3 – 10 page paper. All have been longstanding National List of Attorneys members, who are active in the debt collection industry, and consistently have been a reliable and knowledgeable source of information on debt collection laws for NL and our clients. Each was given an outline of the type of information NL would like to have included in the white paper, as well as other guidelines. When finished, each paper was edited and proofread by a professional editor. Each one is a valuable source of information for creditors, collection agencies and debt buyers nationwide. NL attorney members are experts in legal debt collection matters.

The papers will continue to be available on our website under Legal Resources on the National List Home Page. Remember, you must be registered on the NL Website in order to download the entire white paper. Registration is free and easy.

Wide range of topics included

We and our authors are excited to be able to provide this state-specific information to the debt collection industry. Some of the topics covered in the papers include, but are not limited to:

  • The laws regarding statute of limitations, written contracts, bad checks and civil penalties.

  • Debt collection licensing, bonding and other regulations relevant to collections professionals and lawyers not licensed to practice within that state.

  • Practices related to commercial and consumer collections.

  • Costs related to court filing fees and process-serving options.

  • Significant cases brought by the State’s Attorney General, and ethics opinions passed down from the State Supreme Court related to debt collection.

Blogs give additional information on authors & law firms

The blogs posted on InsideARM  that provide additional information about the author &/or law firm, will remain in their archive. (See Collection Industry Blogs, “50 White Papers in 50 Days.”) A link in each blog takes the reader directly to the first page of the corresponding paper. We encourage you to read the blog that goes with each paper you use in your research.

The National List would like to thank all of our member attorneys who participated in this project. We encourage debt collection industry professionals to take advantage of this valuable resource.

NOTE: To download the whitepaper, you need to be logged in to the website. Registration is free! To login OR, if you have not registered, click here.

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