Are you a high-powered executive? Sure, we all are! Hey, did you know that, as a high-powered executive, those perks you get — free health care and better health benefits for you and your family because come on: you’re worth it, right? — are in violation of the anti-discrimination provision in the federal health law?

According to a story in USA Today, “Such advantages could soon trigger fines of up to $500,000.”

The provision says that employers that offer more generous benefits to highly paid workers could face fines of $100 a day for every worker who doesn’t get the perks, up to $500,000.

It applies to employers that buy benefit packages for their firms from insurers. Those that self-fund their coverage, which tend to be larger firms, already face similar restrictions under IRS rules.

While generally first in line for things like the aforementioned free health care, better restrooms, and VERY cushiony bail-out packages (“golden parachutes” they call them), high-powered executives tend to not be first in line for things like employee sympathy.

Good luck out there, high-powered executives. You’ll need it.

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