OMAHA, Neb. – General Service Bureau Inc. (GSB) and Early Out Services, Inc. (EOS) announced a company-wide ethics program unique to the collections industry. While the idea to implement a formal ethics program came from company executives participating in the Greater Omaha Alliance for Business Ethics training program, GSB/EOS have always conducted their business with the highest level of integrity. In 2007 GSB won the Better Business Bureau’s Integrity Award for adhering to high ethical business practices.

The purpose of the recently launched program at GSB/EOS is to formally assure both clients and the public at large that both companies uphold the highest standards for lawful and consumer friendly business practices in collections. Employees receive formal training along with a detailed ethics guide. They work through exercises such as resolving ethical dilemmas, and understanding when a legal activity is or can become unethical.

The ethics guide that GSB/EOS management created details the company policies for ethical behavior, as well as offering encouragement to exercise good judgment and maintain a higher standard for ethical behavior. At the center of the manual is the values statement that encourages honesty at all times; treating every individual with respect; and striving for continuous improvement. Also stressed in the mission of the GSB/EOS ethics program is that outstanding employees are essential to a quality workplace. This commitment to an exceptional workforce is another reason that GSB was recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in Collections by and Best Companies Group.

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