Net Gain Marketing, Inc. (NGM) today announced that clients who have outsourced some or all of their requests for proposal (RFP) responses to NGM to pursue public and private sector business opportunities have now earned in excess of $100 million in fees as a result of wins through the RFP process.

Since 2003, NGM has been developing high-quality, customized, visually appealing responses to RFPs through its SOLARIS™ Proposal Development Program (SOLARIS), offering clients a competitive edge in the often-complicated RFP process. This milestone of $100 million in fees earned by collection agency clients represents only revenue streams associated with known wins, and does not include other revenue streams not reported to NGM. (Clients are not required to report future revenue to NGM.)

This historic mark reinforces previously released data from 2010 related to the program, which showed that SOLARIS clients have realized an average return on investment exceeding 4,000%, comparing aggregate revenue earned by clients as a result of RFP wins authored by NGM to aggregate fees paid by clients to NGM.

The SOLARIS program is based on a proprietary methodology created by NGM and features expert consulting from a dedicated team throughout the RFP process, a structured schedule for every project, professionally-crafted documents 100% tailored to the end audience, and a graphically-stylized template design that complements the client’s brand identity. Companies that utilize the program experience a greater probability of winning sizeable contracts, at a fraction of what much larger competitors spend on this crucial business process.

One client who hired NGM for its bid writing, the president of a mid-sized company, had this to say:  “GREAT NEWS, [Creditor] has invited us back to do an oral presentation Friday the 6th. I was just reviewing the proposal and what a great document it is. Both in look and content. This is a very exciting possibility for us. Thank you for your work, professional ways and suggestions. I am convinced that our RFP stood out as being a different and unique based on the approach you suggested.” Other client comments can be found here.

The SOLARIS program offers two service levels to accommodate a broad spectrum of client needs: Full service, in which NGM assigns multiple people to the project and is responsible for all quality control, and CoSource, in which there are only a handful of questions or where the work required is minimal.

“I am happy to report this milestone,” said President Nick Bernardo, continuing, “and I am even happier to have had such an impact on those firms who have given us the opportunity to help them grow their businesses over the years, in all sectors of the industry, whether it be government, student loan, healthcare, financial, and so on.”

The firm also announced a no-risk trial for new clients to coincide with the milestone.  At any time between the date of this press release and the end of the first quarter of 2014, NGM will prepare a response to an RFP for any new client signing a contract for this service.  The client will be encouraged to develop their own response at the same time.  When the bid is ready to be produced, the client will decide which one to submit – their own or the one produced by NGM.  If the client submits its own response, no fees would be due for the project, and there would be no other obligation to NGM.  If the client submits the response developed by NGM, pre-negotiated fees would be due to NGM upon submission of the RFP response to the creditor.

NGM is a full-service marketing agency operating primarily within the call center and credit and collection industries, with core competencies in sales and marketing planning, communications consulting, technology solutions, public relations, RFP/RFI response, government contracting consulting, web design, and email marketing.

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