Sentry Credit, Inc. has appointed Dusty Whitesell as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Whitesell has held the position of Executive Vice President of Operations since joining the company in August of 2011.

During his first 18 months with Sentry Credit, he has created the necessary culture adjustments to thrive in the ever changing regulatory and economic environment while maintaining the excellent performance needed to grow the company.

James Stewart, one of Sentry Credit’s founders, commented, “We had very high expectations when we brought Dusty on board in 2011 and he has surpassed those expectations across the board.  His operational adjustments have taken us to the next level as a company without losing our entrepreneurial spirit.  He took the reins very quickly and it only makes sense to reward him for his leadership with this promotion.”

“The support of the Sentry Credit Founders has really been the key to our success,” said Whitesell. “Their confidence in the team is consistently reflected in their non-invasive style. They asked me to assert my own methodology throughout the company and they have supported that style from day one. We have also built an outstanding leadership team along with an excellent core of top tier collectors. I look forward to the growth that their continued teamwork will bring.”

Sentry Credit, Inc. is a leading, nationwide provider of full service ARM services headquartered in Everett, WA.  Sentry specializes in the Financial Services, Mortgage, Education, and Healthcare receivables verticals.  Sentry Credit was formed in 1992.

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