Hospitals often find themselves in difficult circumstances and dire financial straits as they attempt to balance quality patient care with the cost of providing it. A newly-released fact sheet by Accretive Health details partnership solutions for the host of obstacles standing in the way of hospitals’ efforts to control operating costs while simultaneously providing high quality care to the patient populations they serve.

“Our commitment to ‘patients first’ and our team-based approach create a strong cultural fit within our client organizations.  The innovative tools and highly trained experts we provide bring new energy and enthusiasm  to revenue cycle operations, often resulting in a more engaged and satisfied staff as we work together to achieve the overall mission of delivering the highest quality care at the lowest appropriate costs.”

Download this new fact sheet to explore Accretive Health’s fully integrated end-to-end solutions for optimizing the revenue cycle of hospitals and heatlh systems.

Learn about:

  • The four major challenges hospitals face in effectively managing the revenue cycle
  • The financial and operational limitations of traditional approaches to RCM
  • The value of leading-edge, data-driven technology on revenue cycle efficiency
  • The power of a fully aligned partnership strategy versus conventional outsourcing options
  • The benefits of a shared services model in improving revenue cycle results

About Accretive Health

Founded in 2003, Accretive Health’s mission is to help healthcare providers strengthen their financial stability and deliver higher quality, more accessible care to its clients’ patients and the communities they serve.  The majority of the hospitals that Accretive Health serves are non-profit, faith-based hospitals or teaching hospitals, deeply rooted in values of stewardship, generosity of spirit, leadership and dedication to their communities.

With approximately 2,900 employees, Accretive Health serves many of the top-rated hospital systems in the country and is committed to providing solutions that assist them in the delivery of quality healthcare services and maintaining financial stability.

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