The Big Issues

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Current Big Issues

As a part of Kaulkin Media’s mission to shift the public conversation about the ARM industry, brings you a series of topic-focused content offerings we’re calling “The Big Issues.”

But isn’t a breaking news site?  Are you going to stop publishing press releases, earnings reports, and state AG enforcement action news?

Of course not.  Our original reporting and coverage of ARM industry news changes every day and we recognize the importance of hot-off-the-presses news content to our audience.  But we also perceived a lack of any in-depth, ongoing information being produced on topics of real consequence to the credit and debt collection industry. can pretty much cover “ABC Company Promotes Executive X to CFO” in a 600 word story.  But some ARM industry subject matter requires a second or third look.

How long will a Big Issue last?

How long is a Norwegian Forest Cat’s tail?  How brief are the secrets whispered by a falling oak leaf on an autumn day?  Just kidding.  The honest answer is: it depends.

In most cases will publish interrelated information on a given Big Issue for anywhere from two weeks to two months.

Remember back in school when you studied American History?  Did you learn about the American colonies, the invention of the Cotton Gin, Black Elk, Patsy Cline, and the Space Shuttle Challenger all in one day?

Some stuff takes time.  When we’re finished and moseying on, we’ll let you know.

If your organization is interested in sponsoring a Big Issue, contact Michael Klozotsky by email or call 240-499-3836.