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Tim Bauer

CEO at DCM Services

DCM Services


Tim Bauer is CEO of DCM Services. He was previously president of insideARM where - among other things - he masterminded the launch of the First Party Summit. Before insideARM he served in a variety of executive roles within the ARM industry, most recently as Chief Executive Officer of Integrity Solution Services, Inc. He also formerly held executive roles with ARM companies such as Outsourcing Solutions, Inc. (OSI), Risk Management Alternatives, Inc. (RMA), and Nationwide Credit, Inc. He is a graduate of St. Mary's University of MN and Loyola University of Chicago, School of Law. Before joining the debt collection agency world in 1995, Bauer spent 15 years as a partner in the Minneapolis law firm of Messerli & Kramer PA.

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Lavallee: Well, Now We Know How NOT to Send a Validation Notice via Email

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Another 1099(c) Disclosure Case Moves Forward in New Jersey

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Latest Deadline Passes in Dept of ED Collection Case; Judge Sets New Deadline

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Debt Collector Prevails in FDCPA Case About Outdated BBB Rating

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Experts React to FDCPA Court Decision on Emailed Validation Notice

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Court: Validation Notice Sent Via Email Requiring Consumer to Click a Link to Open a “Secure Package” Is Not “Sending” a Validation Notice Under FDCPA

Judge Rules Unintentional Violation of Policies and Procedures Permits Debt Collector to invoke 'Bona Fide Error' Defense

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New York Court Rules Settlement Offer in First Letter Not a FDCPA Violation

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In Connecticut, 29 Call Attempts in 24 days May Be FDCPA Violation

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FDCPA Case Challenges Use of Trade Name Abbreviation

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Voicemail Emerges Again With Questions of "Communication" and Meaningful Disclosure

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Judge Awards Attorney Fees to FDCPA Defendant in Case of 'Vexatious' Plaintiff's Counsel

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A Closer Look at CFPB Action v. National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts and Transworld Systems – What Does it Mean to the ARM Industry?

Court Rules Verification Docs Fulfill “Least Sophisticated Consumer” Standard

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Court Rules “Reply-by” Date Falling Outside 30-day Validation Notice Not a FDCPA Violation

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Department of Education RFP Wars – Episode 26

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Court Sanctions Plaintiff’s Attorney a Second Time in FDCPA Case

Tim Bauer: A Personal Note on Change

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9th Circuit Opinion Highlights Right to Cure Provision in California’s Rosenthal FDCPA

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The Gathering Avalanche: “Robocall” Blocking, and What Can be Done