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3rd Circuit: 2nd Collection Letter Within 30 Days of First Letter is "Overshadowing"

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NJ Judge Disagrees with NY Judge in FDCPA Case Involving Credit Repair Agreement

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Department of ED to CFPB: Thanks, We’ll Handle Oversight of Student Loan Servicers by Ourselves

ContactRelief Offers Free Harvey-Related Disaster Data to Call Centers

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3 Lessons You Should Take From the Latest 1099(c) Letter Case

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Court Rules Revocation of Consent for One Creditor Does Not Revoke Consent for Another

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ED Updates Court on Debt Collection RFP Status; Requests Extension

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Another U.S. District Court Rules Human Call Initiator is Not an ATDS

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CFPB Sides with ED in RFP Litigation and the Court’s Preliminary Injunction Prohibiting New Placements

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California District Court Dismisses FDCPA Claim Over a Potential Convenience Fee for Lack of Article III Standing Under Spokeo

TCPA Student Loan Calls Case Dismissed – Court Determines TCPA Exception Applied

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PRA Group Announces Q2 Earnings; Comments on Attrition Trend

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Performant Announces Earnings Amid Continuing ED Uncertainty

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ED Files Status Report on RFP Litigation; Planned Notice of Awards Date Seems in Doubt

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Encore Capital Group Announces Q2 Results, Provides Views on State of the Industry

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ED Update: RFP Process and Litigation Continues in Private Collection Agency Selection

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Two FDCPA Class Actions Dismissed, Citing Supreme Court Ruling in Midland v. Johnson

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ED Cancels Student Loan Servicing Solicitation; Announces “Next Generation” Plan

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CFPB Issues Compliance Bulletin on Pay-by-Phone Fees

Massachusetts Attorney General Announces Consent Agreement with Debt Collection Law Firm