WIXOM, Mich. – Well designed consumer communications are critical to driving the desired response and achieving your organizational goals. It is important for design to help clearly communicate important billing information and educate consumers on how to quickly resolve balances or update information.

“Design Trends to Improve Consumer Response,” RevSpring’s next webinar scheduled on April 13 at 2 p.m. EDT will look at how design changes or redesigns to consumer communications can improve consumer payment response. In this webinar, RevSpring’s in-house design experts will discuss the following:

- 2017 overall design trends for communications

- Case Study 1: how one agency improved consumer response rates with a redesign of their consumer communications

- Case study 2: how another client strategically incorporated their IVR program into their documents and improved consumer payments

-And finally, how online payment information within documents has become a necessary and vital component in all communications

RevSpring’s 2017 Webinar series focuses on how organizations can more effectively engage with consumers to drive the desired outcomes, especially as organizations must transition toward a consumer-driven communication and education strategy – educating them on their accounts, their options, and how best to manage their obligations. It has never been more important to focus on delivering the right message, via the right channel, at the right time.

Click here to join us on April 13 at 2 p.m. EDT to take part in this informative webinar.

About RevSpring

RevSpring facilitates over one billion customer interactions annually, serving more than 2,000 clients across the accounts receivables management, healthcare, financial services, and other end-markets. RevSpring’s billing and consumer communication platform allows organizations to receive payments faster with more communication options, including mail, web, text, and phone. In addition, RevSpring improves the workflow, design and distribution of consumer communications to make interactions more impactful, meaningful, and effective.   For more information, visit www.revspringinc.com.

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