Todd Langusch

Todd Langusch

It has become imperative for organizations storing sensitive data to diligently monitor and protect their assets.  We are all continually asked to do more with less, but more than 70 percent of the average IT department’s time is spent keeping the lights on, limiting its ability to work on strategic projects that can enhance business processes, operations, and security. Managed IT services help your organization ensure you optimize efficiencies and remain secure.

Here’s why using managed IT can be critical to business:

  1. Resources – Your internal IT department may be great at keeping your company’s standard IT systems functioning properly, but it may not have the time and expertise to manage strategic projects or establish and maintain security systems. Hiring an expert to manage critical components of your business ensures you’re leveraging expertise, minimizing headcount and securing company assets. Experienced contract staff can help fill in the gaps, providing needed support to implement and complete key initiatives. You can also use contract IT staff to backfill for employees who have left the organization or provide additional resources as your business scales.
  2. Expertise – Be certain to select a partner with significant experience in the receivables management space. They’re experts in working with collection software systems, negotiating advantageous hardware pricing, and optimizing systems to improve performance and reduce costs. Experienced ARM contractors also can provide high-level managed services, such as a virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO).

The level of managed IT services you implement depends on many factors. Whether you need a simple assessment or are considering outsourcing your entire IT department, an expert managed IT firm can help your firm better reach its goals, secure your systems, and reduce costs.

TECH LOCK, a RevSpring company, provides the ideal solution. Our experienced staff provides comprehensive support for collections agencies, delivering expertise in Collections Systems and Process Knowledge, IT, and Data Security. To learn more about how TECH LOCK can benefit your organization, email us at

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