OGDEN, Utah — PDCflow announces partnership with US Patent owner Zukunftware, LLC for management and licensing of newly patented technology. The patent (US patent no. 9,799,029), specifically written with credit card payments in mind, allows companies using the technology to greatly reduce PCI compliance requirements by removing the credit card information from the company’s environment and storing and processing the card number through PDCflow.

“The patent award in the US has been a long time coming,” says Volker Neuwirth, inventor of the patent. “While the technology of using an inline frame (iframe) and tokenization of credit card numbers has proliferated over the past few years, this concept was brand new when the patent was filed in 2012.”

The patented technology allows companies to place a secure, PCI certified website, designed as a credit card entry field, on top of their own application. When a merchant processes a credit card payment, the card number is entered on PDCflow’s website, tokenized and the token is returned to the primary system. The token can safely be stored in the primary application and used for future payments. This allows PDCflow to provide processing services for any application while eliminating PCI requirements for that application.

“We are extremely excited to have this opportunity to work with companies across the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia to employ our technology and keep data breaches at bay,” says PDCflow’s Chief Operating Officer, Matthew Snedden. 

PDCflow’s expansion goals include partnering with other software providers that need an easy-to-implement, secure method of allowing their own clients to process credit card payments inside of their software application. The patented technology is web-based, and functions with any other browser-based mobile or desktop software application. This opens the technology to a wide range of potential partners in all countries covered by the patents.

About PDCflow

PDCflow is a complete Payment Management Solution that is simple, quick, and secure, so businesses get paid faster. The application allows multi-channel payments, payment authorization with eSignatures, and document delivery for small business to enterprise – all from one central platform.  Patents: https://www.pdcflow.com/patents/

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