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John Rossman

Moss & Barnett, P.A.

John K. Rossman is a shareholder and Chair of the Creditors' Remedies Practice Group at Moss & Barnett, P.A. Mr. Rossman is a nationally acclaimed authority on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the labyrinth of laws that impact the debt industry. He is a counselor and advisor to national and international companies and noted for his intelligent, creative and successful representation of collection agencies, debt buyers, creditors and fellow attorneys in cases across the country.

Recent Posts


Changes to the FDCPA That Will Redefine Debt Collection

There are a number of Congressional efforts underway to amend the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). But the first changes in the rules governing debt collectors are not likely to come from legislative fixes. The CFPB, with the release of its advance notice of proposed rulemaking, will probably beat lawmakers to the punch. What changes are probably coming?


“Precollect” Causes FDCPA Heartburn for Collectors and Creditors

Creditors seeking to reduce collection costs often ask collection agencies for “precollect” efforts at a discount from normal contingent fee rates. Some collection agencies provide lettering services — with all calls and payments directed to the creditor — at a flat rate per letter or account. Unfortunately, the FDCPA prohibits such flat fee arrangements in some circumstances.


Preview Dialing Allowed Under New Federal Decision?

In Nelson v. Santander, a Court held that preview dialing (using a dialer with human intervention) violated the TCPA due to the capacity of the telephone system used. That order was subsequently vacated, leaving debt collectors to question the efficacy of preview dialing.

However, a recent Federal case held that a phone system that does not have the “present capacity” to store or produce numbers is not an automated telephone dialing system subject to the TCPA.


CFPB Addresses Collection of Time-Barred Accounts, But More Guidance Needed

With the CFPB scheduled to commence exercise of its rule-making authority later this year, many debt collection industry experts were surprised by a joint amicus brief filed by the FTC and the CFPB that stated in part, “…in some circumstances, a debt collector may seek voluntary payment of a time-barred debt without violating the FDCPA, even if the communication is silent as to the statute of limitations.”

But with no additional guidance, the way forward for compliant ARM operations is unclear.


Letter Violation Lawsuits Rise — Avoid the Three Most Common Claims

Lawsuits alleging that debt collection letters violate the FDCPA decreased over the past few years as consumer attorneys focused litigation on Foti and TCPA claims. Recently, letter violation lawsuits spiked with novel claims that are gaining traction in some Courts. Attorneys John Rossman and Mike Poncin discuss three new letter violation claims that are being used to challenge collection letters across the country in the latest episode of The Debt Collection Drill. Check inside for the listening link!