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Communicating with Millennials Entering Collections for the First Time (sponsored)

11 August 2020

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Breakdown of NYC DCA FAQs and Reporting Requirements for New LEP Rule

10 August 2020

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Katabat Attracts Significant Growth Investment from Tritium Partners and Terminus Capital Partners

10 August 2020

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Make Your Voice Heard in TransUnion’s Annual Survey of the Third-Party Collections Industry

10 August 2020

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MCU Holdings Donates to Naked Warrior Project to Support Fallen Military Heroes

10 August 2020

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Attention ARM Leaders: Debt Collection Payment Portals are Communications Under the FDCPA

6 August 2020

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Attorneys General Band Together, Urge Senate to Provide Further Student Loan Relief

6 August 2020

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insideARM Announces the 2020 Best Places to Work in Collections

5 August 2020

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Consumer Relations Consortium Submits Comment to CFPB’s SNPRM for Time-Barred Debts

5 August 2020

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7th Circuit Reiterates: Credit Reporting Medical Debts Separately is Not a Violation

4 August 2020

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Callers, Start Your Engines: Reassigned Number Database is Revving Up

3 August 2020

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Skip Tracing TCPA Problem for Debt Collector: Court Denies Class Certification; but Gives Plaintiff a Second Chance

3 August 2020

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Brown & Joseph Welcomes Ellen Reinhardt

3 August 2020

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Score is Now 3-2 in Favor of Marks: 6th Circuit Adopts 9th Circuit Definition of ATDS

30 July 2020

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Hit from Both Sides: Third Circuit Allows CFPB and State AG to Run Concurrent Lawsuits Against Navient

29 July 2020

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New Bill in House, Would Amend FDCPA to Prohibit Consumer Debt Collection During National Disasters or Emergencies

29 July 2020

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Work From Home Agents Are Now Table Stakes; How You Handle This Will Help Define Your Future

28 July 2020

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Remitter Wins Best New Tech at iA Strategy & Tech 2020

28 July 2020

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Audit What You Credit Report or Lose the Bona Fide Error Defense

27 July 2020