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There's a lot going on right now, especially with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or CFPB, looking into credit bureau reporting. And as such, the issue of handling consumer disputes and handling disputes in general, whether it be in the collection context or the furnishing context, has really come under scrutiny.

This Operations Guide on consumer disputes comes complete with a link to the full video recording of the webinar -- great for use for all-staff trainings and quarterly in-services -- as well as a Certificate of Completion and the full transcript of the webinar. This is a great resource for tracking training, allowing regulators and clients to see your agency's commitment to continuing compliance and education!

Product: PDF Download, including link to webinar video and Certificate of Completion

Pages: 78 pp

Published: 11 May 2015

Table of Contents

About the Presenters

How to Use This Operations Guide

Introduction from the FDCPA

Written vs Verbal

Adding the FCRA to the Mix


Another Important Regulation


Disputes from Consumers

Disputes from Attorneys

Disputes from Credit Reporting Agencies

Frivolous-Suspect Disputes

Dispute from a Consumer with a Cease Request

Codes, Codes, Codes


Q. Under the FCRA duty to correct and update information. When should information be corrected? When disputed, or should accounts be audited and corrected, and if so, how far back?

Q. What is a reasonable timeline to update inaccurate reporting?

Q. If a debt collector furnishes information to CRAs, it must update the report to CRAs that the debt is disputed. How long should the notification of dispute be recorded, and when can it be taken off the CRA reports?

Q. Do we as data furnishers have a responsibility to follow up with the CRA to make sure they are updating with the information we're providing them for our investigation?

Appendice A: Full Transcript, Consumer Disputes Webinar

Appendix B: Slide Deck From Consumer Dispute Webinar


James Bedell: Jim has a nationwide practice in the areas of creditors’ remedies, debt collection and defense of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) claims. Jim represents creditors, debt purchasers, and debt collection agencies.  He is a member of ACA International Members' Attorney Program (MAP) and ACA's Collection Notice Review (CNR) program.  Jim lectures and presents programs on FDCPA and collection issues.  

Debra Ciskey: Debra is the Compliance Officer for Wakefield and Associates Inc. in Aurora, CO. Debra was Director of the Performance Development Group and Director of Compliance at Afni, Inc., in Bloomington, IL for 21 years, and prior to her work at Afni, Debra was Director of Education at ACA International from1980 to 1993.  Debra achieved certified instructor status for ACA in 1983 and has taught more than 200 ACA Seminars.  

Alicia McKeighan: Alicia is the Director of Compliance at Afni, Inc. and has been with Afni for seven years. Ms. McKeighan holds ACA’s  Professional Collection Specialist designation, Credit and Collection Compliance Officer designation,  Fellow and Scholar Designation, and holds a Fair Credit Reporting Act certification obtained from the Consumer Data Industry Association.