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We know how complicated and time-consuming it can be to follow constantly shifting compliance rules, the challenges of operations, HR woes, and other business questions that clog up your to-do list. Don’t let difficult research projects slow you or your company down. Use iA Research Assistant, the brand-new custom compliance research service from insideARM.

“I have never been more satisfied with a service.”

– Robert Thompson,
Bayview Risk Management Capital

“Research can become cumbersome when there are so many other job priorities to focus on. Having Research Assistant is a helpful tool to save time.”

– Stephanie Schuitt,

With iA Research Assistant, you’ll get:

  • Answers to your tricky, time-consuming questions
  • Access to hundreds of policy and procedure language samples, compliance explainers and reports
  • Expertise from our hand-picked stable of industry experts
  • And regularly scheduled calls with peers happy to talk through similar concerns and challenges*

* Note: Peer groups are not open to industry vendors and regulators.

Want specific examples of tricky, time-consuming questions we've already answered?

Here are four questions sent to us by current subscribers. Research Assistant provided detailed answers to each question. Answers are accessible to ALL subscribers.

  1. Whenever first-party financial institutions are tailoring employee policies for their employees who have loans and deposit accounts with them, does UDAAP apply or does employment law trump UDAAP?
  2. Can you refer me to a collection law firm for PRIVATE student loans - preferably a firm that is licensed in all 50 states?
  3. Massachusetts currently has two pieces of legislation covering collection agencies - 940 CMR 7.00 and 209 CMR 18.00. There are a lot of instances where these pieces of legislation do not agree. How do we handle these inconsistencies?
  4. A question about ACDV, direct dispute response procedures, and CDIA compliance code requirements changes made in ’17. Our organization reports on the 1st of the month. If we receive a direct dispute on the 15th, mark the account disputed, investigate the dispute and change the dispute code from XB to another code within 8 days, can we simply report the final dispute code or do we need to report the initial code on the first filing and wait until the second filing to report the second “changed” compliance code?

Get quick answers to your questions and get back to work. Get iA Research Assistant.

The cost is just $50 / month for an individual membership and you can cancel at any time.

Research Assistant Prime

insideARM's Research Assistant is a member-driven subscription-based tool for anyone tasked with compliance and operations roles.

All members get access to our internal research assistant for (almost) any question, and access to all resources developed by Research Assistant and members.

Research Assistant Prime members have access to a variety of work groups (peer calls, Regulation F work group, Covid work group, Policies & Procedures work group, and Training Materials work group), as well as access to Prime-only webinars and content.

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