A payment system is an automated set of processes (usually done with computers) for accepting cash-substitutes as money. Since the rise of credit and debit cards and the Internet, most businesses in the U.S. rely on some type of payment system. In addition to the traditional credit card processing services, payment systems can include electronic checks, EFT, mobile payments, and technologies specific to the Internet like digital wallets, e-cash and PayPal.

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Beam Software Completes Integration with Payment Savvy

17 October 2016

New HFMA Study Examines Rise of Self-Pay

27 September 2016

Latest Ontario Systems Whitepaper Examines Issues Around Self-Pay Revenue

21 July 2016

The 3 Big Factors That Make Patient Self-Pay a Headache for Providers

18 July 2016

Debt Buyer PRA Group Acquires Payment Portal eGov Systems

11 July 2016

CFPB Files Lawsuit Against Payment Processor and Executives

7 June 2016

eSign Offers Real-Time Electronic Signatures, Complimentary Webinar Demonstrates How

9 May 2016

LiveVox Discusses the Future of Consumer Contact Technology at iA’s 2016 Large Market Participant Summit

22 April 2016

BillingTree unveils Payrazr Marketplace, “myPayrazr” Payment Gateway and IVR

14 April 2016

Simplicity Collection Software Integrates with the New BillingTree Payrazr Solution Suite

6 April 2016

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Credit Reporting, Overdraft Issues and the Remittance Rule Dominate the CFPB's 2016 Winter Supervisory Highlights

11 March 2016

PDCflow Announces Free e-SignatureFlow Service for Payment Authorizations

9 February 2016

Confusion After Clarity: The CFPB's November Bulletin on Consumer Authorizations for Preauthorized Electronic Fund Transfers

22 January 2016

Executive Changes: BillingTree 2015 Success Sparks Exec Team Advancements to Parlay Growth into 2016

15 January 2016

Laurie Nelson Named an Ultimate Attorney by the Jacksonville Business Journal

12 January 2016

New Electronic Signature Solution Announced

18 December 2015

AutoScribe Wins Silver in Best in Biz Awards 2015

7 December 2015

CFPB Issues Compliance Bulletin on Preauthorized Electronic Payments; Oral Recordings Acceptable

25 November 2015

FTC Amendment to Telemarketing Sales Rule Sounds Like Operation Choke Point

23 November 2015

Webinar: Trends to Watch for 2016

9 November 2015