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President Obama Budget: No Cause for Alarm--Yet

25 March 2014

Medicare Shifts Costs onto Beneficiaries, Cuts Hospital Margins

20 March 2014

Compromise Collapses on Doc-Fix; Expect Healthcare Providers to Again Foot the Bill

18 March 2014

Comment Period on Penalties for Violating IRS 501(r) Closes Tomorrow

13 March 2014

Four Medicare Trends That Bode Ill for Healthcare Providers

11 March 2014

The Two Pillars of Partner Compliance: Transparency and Information Security

24 February 2014

Compliance and Your Partners: Is Everyone Doing Their Part?

21 February 2014

Postponement of Employer Mandate: Great for Employers, Hard on Providers

16 February 2014

Overcoming "Moral Challenges" to Point-of-Service Collections

11 February 2014

How Hospitals Should Treat Violations of 501(r): IRS Recommendations

3 February 2014

Not-For-Profit Hospitals Expected to Comply With All 501(r) Requirements

31 January 2014

Ease Transition to Obamacare with Early-Out Partner

31 January 2014

The Secret to Successful Point-of-Service Collections

28 January 2014

IRS Announces It Will Enforce Proposed Medical Debt Collection Regs

16 January 2014

Getting the Most from Your Pre-Admissions Process, Part 2

14 January 2014

Obamacare: Five Revenue Trends You Can Take to the Bank

7 January 2014

Getting the Most from Your Pre-Admissions Process

2 January 2014

Cause for Alarm? Medicare Improper Payments Jumped $6.5 Billion in 2013

19 December 2013

Three Reforms to Fix the RAC System (And Why They Will Never Happen)

18 December 2013

Three Insights into RAC Redeterminations That Could Save You Future Headaches

4 December 2013