Show Notes:

The ecosystem is a circular environment. There is no beginning or end. In financial services, decisions made in the origination process will impact the life of the transaction, especially if the loans are sold to the secondary market. Though the secondary market is nothing new (just look at the mortgage industry), the unsecured debt market is subject to significant scrutiny and a patchwork of laws and regulations that are inconsistent from state to state. 

This lack of consistency has been a challenge not only for the debt sale market but also for those who want to regulate it. To bring some clarity to the matter, Rebekah (Bekah) Luebcke, Vice President of Operations of Crown Asset Management, stops by Credit Eco to Go to discuss what entities need to know (as well as what they need to do) if they intend to sell unsecured debt into the secondary market. Bekah discusses her experience working on behalf of the industry to educate and inform stakeholders to bring much needed consistency within the space.


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