A credit grantor is any individual or business that extends credit to customers. The credit can be for other businesses or consumers and can come in many forms, such as closed-end loans (like auto loans, mortgages, and student loans), revolving loans (like credit cards or certain home equity loans), or a hybrid of the two. Some credit is backed by property or assets. In the U.S., the primary credit grantors are large commercial banks and credit unions. But credit is also extended by small businesses, governments, and other organizations.

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Massachusetts Supreme Court Just Made it Harder to Communicate With Consumers About a Debt

26 June 2018

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Creditors Should Build Trust in Collections by Saying 'Goodbye'

8 March 2018

TransUnion Report Reveals Current Consumer Credit Trends, Including 20.3 Million More Accounts

5 March 2018

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CEO of insideARM Shares Opportunities and Agenda for 2018

1 March 2018

Collection Industry Requests Guidance from Mass AG Regarding Longstanding Interpretation of Validation Requirements

1 March 2018

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E.D.N.Y.: Collection Agency Can Enforce Arbitration Clause of Underlying Credit Agreement

28 February 2018

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Vendor Scorecards: Overdue for a Re-think?

26 February 2018

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Congress Holds Fintech Hearing; 77 Million in Collections Left Out of Discussion

1 February 2018

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Debt Collection Activity Alone Does Not a Debt Collector Make, According to Northern District of Illinois

10 January 2018

CFPB Bank Complaints Normalized; Such Analysis Eludes Debt Collectors

8 January 2018

CFPB Credit Card Market Report Addresses Collections and Recovery

2 January 2018

Illinois Court Finds Adding Collection Costs Pursuant to Underlying Contract Does Not Violate FDCPA

13 November 2017

CFPB Consumer Advisory Board Addresses Debt Collection; Samet Changes the Conversation

6 November 2017

Trump Kills Cordray's Arbitration Rule; Would He Do the Same for Debt Collectors?

2 November 2017

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Revenue Cycle Leader Profile: Al Zezulinski, Patient Account Management Systems & Hospital of the University of PA

30 October 2017

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Collection Boot Camp: How to Respond to Collection Disputes

26 October 2017

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FTC Perpetuates Real Authentication Challenge for Collectors

25 October 2017

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18 Million More Reasons Debt Collectors Need to be Engaged in the Illegal Robocall Solution

23 October 2017

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Could CFPB’s Data Sharing Principles Make Debt Collection Better Too?

19 October 2017

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Another 1099(c) Disclosure Case Moves Forward in New Jersey

17 October 2017