If you own or run a company, and you’re considering selling out or buying another company, I strongly encourage you to watch this video. 

Mergers and acquisitions are happening in the U.S. accounts receivable management (ARM) industry, although the marketplace following the midterm elections is vastly different than it was before and during the global pandemic. Variable economic conditions, political uncertainties, increased regulatory actions, and rising capital costs are having a profound effect on the frequency and outcome of many business sales over recent years.  

At Kaulkin Ginsberg, we are very proud to have clients like Chad Silverstein, former owner of Choice Recovery based in Columbus, Ohio. Over a twenty-five-year career, Chad and his team built a successful ARM company uniquely focused on servicing smaller healthcare providers. 

Chad and I recently recorded our candid discussion about the sale of his business.

This is a must-see video for owners who are thinking about selling their business or buying another ARM company.  


We cover critical topics including:

  1. What motivates a young owner to sell a successful business?
  2. The challenges of selling a private company.
  3. What distinguished Choice Recovery from its competitors, including a unique way to help unemployed consumers who are heavy in debt find employment.
  4. Why Chad decided to hire Kaulkin Ginsberg to handle the sale.
  5. What would Chad tell an owner who is thinking about selling his/her business? 

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