MUNCIE, Ind. – Ontario Systems, a leading software provider to the healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM), accounts receivable management (ARM) and government (GOV) markets, has announced a new partnership with Pronto Computing to provide automated self-pay discovery scrubs to its healthcare customers. Driven by the Artiva HCx™ solution from Ontario Systems, the new partnership will help medical providers give patients a single comprehensive financial experience, while fulfilling missions with increased revenue, reduced cost to collect, and improved patient satisfaction. By integrating key partners like Pronto Computing, the Ontario Systems HCx solution will enable those providers to benefit from missing insurance identification, with increases in reimbursement and efficiency along with reduced bad debt expense.

“By embedding self-pay discovery into the process with the Artiva HCx solution, providers see a 3% average identification rate of insurance on previously self-pay identified accounts,” says Shawn Yates, Ontario Systems Director of Healthcare Product Management. “These accounts typically move to bad debt creating poor patient relations and inflated bad debt expense. By identifying these accounts in an automated revenue cycle process, providers realize big labor savings, freeing up their account representatives’ time to focus on more strategic revenue cycle opportunities. By partnering with Pronto Computing, our customers can focus their business office staffs’ efforts on the most important accounts that need attention instead of working accounts that already have available insurance to file.”

Pronto Computing focuses on automating the healthcare revenue cycle process by empowering clients with an innovative and robust payer connection portfolio, used to scrub self-pay accounts for missing insurance. This streamlines workflow and creates unprecedented efficiencies through automation, using a combination of proprietary sources, 270/271 HIPAA transactions and web scraping to identify found Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial coverage, and eliminate manual intervention.

"We are excited to partner with Ontario Systems and bring Pronto's eligibility services to customers using the Artiva HCx solution," says Robert Nolan, Pronto Computing Co-Founder. "We are impressed with how thoughtfully Ontario Systems integrated our product within Artiva HCx technology. Pronto's eligibility services together with the Artiva HCx solution will enable providers to find the right insurance for patients, resulting in increased net revenue, decreased costs associated with manual insurance processing, as well as decreased write offs to bad debt."

“Our customers excel at deploying innovative solutions to healthcare’s biggest and most common financial challenges,” says Ontario Systems Senior Director of Business Development, Steve Scibetta. “That’s why we continue to partner with market leaders like Pronto who enable us to enhance our technology in a way that brings new fuel to healthcare provider missions across the country.”

About Pronto Computing

Pronto is more than just a technology services firm; they are process re-engineering partners. Our revenue cycle consulting experience provides a holistic view of the revenue cycle, including the importance of workflow efficiency, productivity measurement and key performance reporting. Pronto aligns with you throughout the implementation process and provides consulting services, ensuring that the organization’s outcomes are measurable and objectives are achieved. Pronto is currently working with several providers across the country in varied health care segments. Additionally, third party outsourcing vendors are utilizing our technology to improve the financial performance of their clients. Pronto is focused on delivering a combination of low-cost technology, increased quality, and utmost efficiency to its clients.

About Ontario Systems

Ontario Systems, LLC is a leading provider of revenue recovery software and solutions to the revenue cycle management (RCM), accounts receivable management (ARM), and government markets.  Established in 1980 and headquartered in Muncie, Ind., Ontario Systems also has a location in Vancouver, Wash., and employees in 27 states. Ontario Systems offers a full portfolio of software, services and business process expertise, including product brands such as Artiva RM™, Artiva HCx™, Contact Savvy®, and RevQ. Ontario Systems customers include five of the 15 largest hospital networks who actively manage over $40 billion in receivables collectively, as well as eight of the 10 largest ARM companies and more than one hundred state and municipal governments in the U.S. 

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