For nine years insideARM has celebrated the Best Places to Work in Collections. For our 10th anniversary, we felt it was time to update the program and, in fact, we have used our top story position today to tell you about it. insideARM does not earn a profit on this program (participation is free).  We simply feel it is an important and positive way that we can support the industry.

Beginning in 2017, Best Places to Work in Collections has become Best Call Centers to Work For

So many organizations are now doing first party collections and customer care, and many creditors have their own call centers doing collections work. This updated program provides a way for all of these organizations (of just about any size) to participate.

Who is eligible?

In addition to collection firms of all sizes, creditor and business process outsourcing (BPO) call center operations are eligible to participate.

Participation in the program is free. The deadline to register is THIS Friday, February 24. Registration only takes a moment. Winners will be featured on insideARM, as well as at this year's First Party Summit on June 5-7, and will earn bragging rights that you can use with clients, regulators, employees, and prospective recruits.

Our rigorous evaluation process is managed by the independent firm Best Companies Group, which runs programs in 24 states, 9 regions, and 14 industries, as well as 12 programs across Africa, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

As we all know, even a small improvement in retention today can lead to a meaningful addition to the bottom line. Employee satisfaction has a dramatic impact on attrition.  Whether winners or not, all participants can receive a veritable blueprint for improving employee satisfaction at their particular firm, based on their own employee feedback. 

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up now to participate in the program that celebrates excellence among call center work environments in care, collections, and outsourcing. It only takes a moment to register. The benefits of participation will last for years.



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