JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Stellar Recovery, Inc is proud to announce that its new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) went live on December 15, 2016. In another successful collaboration with RevSpring, Stellar created a more robust IVR option for it’s consumers. RevSpring has been an integral partner in the development and implementation of a series of products that include a new, unique letter series as well as a new email strategy that was released earlier this year. The new IVR is the latest addition to the suite of options Stellar and RevSpring have created to help Stellar’s consumers self-manage their own accounts without interacting with an live agent.

The IVR offers consumers robust options such as paying via ACH, settlement negotiation options, and the ability to receive a text message receipt for their payment. It also gives consumers the option to transfer to a live agent if they have a question during the process of using the IVR. Chief Analytics Officer,  Kendra Vallerelli says ”The new IVR is far more sophisticated than the previous IVR that we had. It is integrated with the payment portal and it captures many more accounts than previously. We are excited to use analytics to measure how consumers use this option”. Since the new IVR has gone live there has been a 600 % increase in IVR payments. Stellar Recovery has been committed to creating account management options across consumer channels that reach a diverse group of consumers while remaining compliant in the process.   This allows all consumers to pay the way they want to pay.

About Stellar Recovery

Stellar Recovery Inc. is an ARM leader headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. SRI is dedicated to excellence in the accounts receivable industry by meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations. Stellar Recovery leverages the use of technology to drive effective and efficient collections, while eliminating risks.  Please visit our website at www.stellarrecoveryinc.com or contact us at 904-438-2500.

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