Advanced Payment Systems has announced Arctic Collect as a new vendor/partner, and the full integration of APS Credit Card solutions with the Arctic Collect accounts receivable software.

Arctic Collect is the Collection industry’s first Micro-Enterprise product. With Arctic Collect you get a full, feature-rich collection software with complete management features, a robust collector interface, and the on-demand services that collection agencies need. You get multi-level access for managers and collectors, you get forward-flow capabilities with import and export on-demand updating, you can create your own attorney network and manage attorneys anywhere in the country, and you can set their fees right through the Arctic Collect system.

Arctic Collect also offers data backup and infrastructure support with full redundancy, which means you will always be assured that when you click that submit button it will SUBMIT your data securely and immediately.

Custom is the name of the game. Simply put, you need what you need and that is that. Arctic Collect is here to help you be successful. Let us know what we can do to make your software experience the best.

Headquartered in Northport, New York, USA, Arctic Collect can be found online at For more information call 866.927.0806

Advanced Payment Systems (APS) specializes in providing Credit Card & Check Processing accounts to, and lowering rates and fees for, Collection Agencies. APS does not take a “one size fits all” approach in providing accounts, instead offering multiple processors and options to choose from. Whether you are a large well established agency, or a small start-up, APS has the programs that best fit your individual needs.

APS President Gary Adams says “APS has provided accounts to the Collections Industry for over 10 years, and our client portfolio includes some of the best known agencies in the country. We offer all types of processing accounts, including Credit /Debit Cards, ACH/Check by Phone, Web Payments, Online Debt Negotiation, Remote Deposit, IVR, and much more. APS also offers a variety of very unique protection and verification products that are specifically designed for, and are especially beneficial to, Collection Agencies. We are very excited about bringing our combination of low rates, multiple services and options, hands-on customer service, and Collections Industry knowledge and experience, to Arctic Collect users.”

Advanced Payment Systems has been providing credit card and check processing solutions since 1999. For additional information about APS products and services, please contact one of our FDCPA Certified Collection Industry Specialists at 1-800-482-4561, email us at or visit our website at

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