Credit Management Company, an established accounts receivable management firm and Coding Concepts, a premier remote coding services company, today announced a formal partnership to deliver additional revenue cycle services to healthcare clients.

The newly forged alliance allows each company to offer complimentary services to their current healthcare clients while remaining true to their revenue cycle niche.  Accelerating private pay and balance after insurance cash flow will always be a concern for healthcare financial leaders and the change from ICD-9 to ICD-10 will bring significant changes in reimbursement and how coverage for services is determined by health insurance carriers. The Credit Management Company and Coding Concepts partnership will make it easier for healthcare facilities to recover outstanding balances from patients and receive proper reimbursement from payers.

“We know our clients have a need for coding services and we wanted to deliver a solution.  Our search was very thorough and deliberate. Coding Concepts was the strongest choice for this partnership because of their sole focus on coding and their lengthy history of producing outstanding results,” said Mary Lou Muti, President, Credit Management Company.

“Coding Concepts recognizes that our strategic partnership with CMC is a long-term, win-win commitment. Our sole purpose is to provide the highest level of service to our clients. This alliance with CMC will allow Coding Concepts to continue to be a fierce competitor in the industry,” said Nichole Hunt, CEO, Coding Concepts.

By offering early out, bad debt, and remote coding, Credit Management Company and Coding Concepts will be uniquely positioned to deliver outstanding services to healthcare entities across the country.

Credit Management Company (CMC), is a full service accounts receivable management company located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The company was founded in 1966 on the concept of saving organizations time and money through the rapid recovery of outstanding accounts receivables.  With clients in industries such as financial, healthcare, education, government, and utilities, CMC offers a wide range of services including automated-outbound call programs, pre-collections, and bad debt recovery collections.

Coding Concepts is an innovative medical coding company and a leader in the delivery of quality online coding services. With a HIPAA compliant data center and extensive network of certified, experienced and specialty trained coding professionals, Coding Concepts will handle all clinical coding needs.

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