Wilmington, Del. – The pioneering method developed by Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd. for segregating deceased accounts that require the highest levels of sensitivity – Special Sensitivity Monitor (SM)  – now includes a unique screen to identify deaths associated with individuals who were on active military service.

“Enhancing our clients’ brand  and obtaining results for our clients is always important, and identifying accounts that are associated with an individual who served on our nation’s behalf is simply the right thing to do,” said Adam S. Cohen, Esq., Co-Chairman and CEO of Phillips & Cohen Associates. “As leaders in the deceased recovery industry, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the results we deliver for our clients and military screening empowers them to make important choices involving accounts affected by extraordinary circumstances.”

Special Sensitivity Monitor and Phillips & Cohen Associates’ unique military screening process are parts of the firm’s comprehensive suite of services covering the entire collection process from deceased account identification through to recovery completion. As an integral component of the process, account data files can be screened against information containing notices of deaths of active military personnel. Any account picked up in the military screen is immediately sequestered for special handling.  Phillips & Cohen Associates can now partner with each client to develop and advise on appropriate strategic treatment for these types of accounts. It is a service offering that exceeds the responsibilities enumerated under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.

Military screening is the latest in a host of innovations that Phillips & Cohen Associates has introduced including EstateSource™- a proprietary estate location and recovery resource, Authorized Party ID™ – a responsible party identification and communication protocol that meets recently expanded FTC guidelines, and Survivor Support – a range of services including agentless transactions, educational resources, and bereavement support personnel. Phillips & Cohen Associates anticipates the inclusion of additional features in the coming months, providing clients with even greater choice and enhanced partnership and expertise in their recovery process.

Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd. pioneered the compassionate deceased care recovery market by helping companies successfully manage complex estate debt situations and resolve them in a manner that preserves the dignity of affected individuals. The company’s clients range from mid-sized firms to leading national and international creditor and banking institutions. Phillips & Cohen Associates serves the consumer credit industry, banking and loan marketplace, as well as specialized industries including healthcare, utility, education, and telecom. The company has five regional offices in the United States and two international offices in the UK and Canada.

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