AmSher, a debt collection agency specializing in Compassionate Collections, announced today that the company has launched—a website to help people not only get out of debt, but lose weight.

Statistics show that a real correlation exists between individuals and families that are struggling with weight loss and becoming debt free.

The number of Americans, who are overweight and deep in debt, is staggering.  Two out of every three Americans are considered to be overweight or obese and 35% have unpaid bills reported to collection agencies.

“This is something we know a lot about,” said Martin Sher, Co-CEO.  “Our family has always suffered from weight related issues and my brother and I have worked in the collection industry all our lives.  We have recognized that many of the same principles that help people get out of debt also would help them lose weight.”

The website takes a fun and whimsical approach to a problem that plagues many Americans.  Topics include:  Popeye the Sailor Man Turns 80 and Reveals His 3 Secrets to Being Skinny and Debt Free; Do Not Eat Anything Your Great Grandmother Would Not Recognize as Food; and 20 Reasons You Have to be Totally out of Your Mind to be Skinny and Debt Free.

AmSher is a nationally recognized debt collection agency headquartered in Birmingham, Ala. Licensed to conduct business in all 50 states for the banking, healthcare, telecom and commercial industries, AmSher’s brand is “Compassionate Collections®.”

For more information, visit or www.

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