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John K. Rossman is a shareholder and Chair of the Creditors' Remedies Practice Group at Moss & Barnett, P.A. Mr. Rossman is a nationally acclaimed authority on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the labyrinth of laws that impact the debt industry. He is a counselor and advisor to national and international companies and noted for his intelligent, creative and successful representation of collection agencies, debt buyers, creditors and fellow attorneys in cases across the country.

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Does Your Collection Agency Name Violate Regulation F? [Podcast]

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Landmark Victory! Debt Collector Did Not Deceive Debtor Who Refused to Give Name

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Wave of Federal Lawsuits Slam Furnishers for “Inaccurate” Credit Reporting of Accounts in Bankruptcy

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Pandemic Causes Historic Debt Collection Law Changes [Podcast]

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Three Steps Every Company Must Take TODAY To Avoid CCPA Class Action Liability

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CFPB Proposes Debt Collection Rule that Congress Rejected [Podcast]

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Common Sense Prevails! Seventh Circuit Affirms Consumer was not Harmed by Letter and Dismisses FDCPA Case [Podcast]

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Validation Notice Lawsuits: Overlooked Ruling from Third Circuit Proves Debt Collectors are Right! (Podcast)

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Credit Reporting Debts in Bankruptcy: Deluge of Recent Lawsuits Reveals Risks for Financial Industry

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Should Collectors Change the Validation Notices into Pennsylvania? (Podcast)

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An Open Letter to the CFPB: Court Rulings on Validation Notice Hurt Consumers and Collectors

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Debt Collection Drill: Federal Courts Hold that Standard Validation Notice Violates the FDCPA. Now What?

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New Federal Court of Appeals Rulings Favor Debt Collectors (podcast)

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New Consumer Strategy for Baiting FDCPA Violations, and Use of Text Messages in Debt Collection

Collectors Finally Winning FDCPA Cases: Is the Tide Turning or is Something Lurking?

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Debt Collectors Hoping For Relief from Courts on Collection Letter Claims May Soon Get Clarity (podcast)

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Verbal Authorization for Recurring Payments – Ask Yourself One Question: “Do I Feel Lucky?” (podcast)

New Collection Letter Lawsuits in California and New York: What Your Agency Needs to Know Now

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First Party Servicing on Medical Accounts: The Federal and State Landscape Continues to Shift

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3 Overlooked Traps for First Party/Early Out Servicers (podcast)