In the last decade, mobile technology and social media have drastically changed how customers experience and engage with businesses. Most companies, however, have done a mediocre job of capitalizing on this trend. No longer do consumers shop only during store hours or relegate complaints to the BBB or the FTC. Today consumers raise their voices on social media and expect to interact 24/7.

What Is Consumer Engagement?

Consumer engagement is the connection between the consumer and the company or the brand, including all channels of communication. Engagement includes both on and offline contacts from phone calls to emails. Popular online engagement happens through social media, consumer forums, blog comments, and company websites.

It is clear with more than 3 billion Internet users around the world, technology has made society’s culture hyper-interactive. Connectivity is bringing consumers and organizations together, making it critical for companies to take advantage of advancements in technology. Businesses must focus on capturing the attention of -- and interacting with -- well-informed consumers to service and satisfy.

What Do Consumers Look for In Engagement?

In an increasingly mobile world, consumers demand a high level of service from companies that want their attention. Some consumer needs at the top of the list are real-time relevance, personalization, mobile capabilities, and a simplified user experience.

Real-Time Relevance

Real-time relevance is an essential part of interacting with consumers in the accounts receivable industry. Reaching out to a consumer just days after a payment was made is unacceptable and will lead to a rejection of future calls. When contacting a consumer, the collector should be able to account for past interactions, payment history, and their current balance of monies owed. 


Companies are finding new ways to connect with customers for a more personal experience. For example, mapping apps intuitively make recommendations for restaurants near the consumer’s location. In debt collection, utilizing analysis from past payments and recommendations for the next payment or settlement amount can personalize the consumer experience. Having access to valuable information such as credit files, risk scoring, and other parameters can assist with improving the customer experience. 

Mobile Capabilities

Not only must any apps you offer work on smartphones, but the consumer must be able to interact with your staff and make a payment while on the phone. Authentication, payment processing, and compliance must occur seamlessly within a few clicks. 

Simplified User Experience

Streamlined payment processing and using real-time data while remaining compliant are essential parts of payment collections. These factors must be presented to the consumer in an easy to understand and simple online navigation format. Consumers are not tolerant of awkward, confusing systems or pages of fine print. 

What metrics measure consumer engagement? 

You can measure consumer engagement through the following:

  1. Clicks - The consumer was successfully directed to the website within one to two clicks.
  2. Consume - They were able to login to the site without complications.
  3. Understand - They understand the directions and successfully navigated appropriate screens.  
  4. Completed Transaction - The consumer made a successful payment to the account. 

The better the consumer’s experience is while engaging with your website, the more likely they are to complete a transaction. Ultimately, creating a positive experience during the payment process directly impacts your bottom line.

PDCflow offers a suite of products created specifically for the accounts receivable and debt collection industries which will provide you the real-time data you need in order to successfully collect payments. 

Our Recovery Scoring gives your team targeted information highlighting who is collectible. In addition, our payment services grant you a streamlined consumer experience, providing integrated compliance within the payment. For more information, please visit or call 877-732-4814 and speak to one of our Payment Specialists today.

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