Gamification has proven especially effective at improving employee performance and business results at collections-focused contact centers. Benefits include increased revenues from higher recovery rates, improved compliance, faster employee onboarding by making training more fun and effective, and improved employee retention. When collection agents are more engaged at work, enterprises can optimize engagement with customers.

Businesses are winning with gamification, but the process isn’t all fun and games. Gamification programs need to be driven by business goals and backed by accurate, objective data and metrics – you can’t have a fair game if you can’t keep score. That is why interaction analytics are an important component of collection center gamification programs, and why gamification is a natural step for organizations that already have interaction analytics in place. Analytics serve as the scorekeeper and referee that makes gamification successful.

In this whitepaper, find out how organizations have used gamification in collection centers and learn all about gamification-driven best practices to for improving agent performance.