Collections organizations have largely relied on compiled credit bureau and demographic information for their contact strategies. However, these methods typically emphasize quantity over quality: stale data, major gaps in coverage, and lack of any true insight into phone behavior, like the best time and phone number to call to reach a customer. In addition, call blocking and spam-tagging are jeopardizing industry contact rates; 78% of credit and collections companies report their calls being blocked and 74% report their calls being mislabeled as spam1.

With this free whitepaper, learn how collections organizations can significantly improve their contact rates with:

  • Proactive CRM data management, to fill in CRM gaps and optimize which phones to dial
  • Unique phone intelligence on activity and usage, to improve outbound dialing efficiency and right-party contact rates
  • Insights into when phones are most active, by day and by hour
  • Solutions to mitigate call-blocking and spam-mislabeling, and to ensure consistent caller ID display

1 [ACA Survey Report: The Impact of Call-blocking and Labeling Technologies on the Accounts Receivable Industry]