An agent on a call is a productive agent, but agents don't spend every minute on a call. They have tasks to complete after calls, including note taking, dispositioning calls, posting payments, and setting reminders. Sometimes they need to chat with supervisors.

Have you ever thought about how that time - a few minutes here, a few minutes there - adds up? Have you thought about how much all those minutes can cost you over the course of a year? 

The numbers are impressive. On average, debt collection agents spend 25% of their day on call wrap-up. Over a year, this translates to $10,000 per agent spent on those wrap-up minutes. A collection agency with 120 agents will pay approximately $1.5 million per year for time agents are not spending on calls. 

If you could transform most of those unproductive minutes into productive minutes, wouldn't you? In this new whitepaper from Prodigal, find out how call centers and agencies are automating call-wrap up with AI and machine learning. They are streamlining and standardizing the note-taking process, and yes, transforming most of those unproductive minutes into productive ones - saving them thousands if not millions of dollars.