"Your collector is on the phone with a consumer. The conversation is going well. He has developed a nice rapport

with the consumer and then the consumer asks if your collector could shoot him an e-mail explaining the payment

plan. Most agencies are ill-equipped to properly handle email communications with the consumers. This article is

designed to guide you through the decision making process to use email as a client communication tool with the

approval of your agency’s compliance attorney."

It really should come as no surprise that consumers are asking to communicate with debt collectors by way of e-mail with surprising frequency. It has also been a dream of debt collection agency owners to reduce their postage expense by communicating with consumers electronically rather than via first class mail, compliments of the U.S. Postal Service.  Fortunately, there is no legal reason why consumers and debt collectors cannot communicate by way of e-mail if the proper steps are taken to protect the consumer’s privacy, prevent unauthorized third party disclosure of the debt and obtain the consumer’s express consent.

In this free whitepaper, written and developed by Ontario Systems's Rozanne Andersen, walks readers through the intricacies of furthering developing your company's communication strategies, especially with regards to e-mail communications.