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Pages: 86 pp

Published: 2 June 2015

Covered in this edition of To the Point: Collection Call Compliance:

  • What are some of the big dos and don’ts when calling debtors? What is the industry– particularly first-party collectors and lenders – doing to combat the challenges of contacting consumers on their cell phones?
  • How often should you scrub your cell phone list to ensure that the cell phone number is still registered to that consumer before auto-dialing? Can you do an effective out-of-statute scrub if a client only provides a charge-off date? And if so, what would you recommend?
  • How does the CFPB register and recognize first party collectors? Is this going to change?
  • What are some best practices and sample language for out-of-statute and bankruptcy notices?
  • All answers have been reviewed by the Editorial Review Board of the Compliance Professionals Forum, adding additional information and guidance to many of the points raised by our attending attorneys.


Don Maurice is a partner at Maurice Wutscher. He regularly defends FDCPA, TCPA, FCRA and UDAAP in both individual and class actions. He served as amicus counsel in the recently decided Supreme Court FDCPA case Marx v. General Revenue. You can read Don’s blog at consumerfsblog.com or follow him on Twitter @dsmaurice.

Katrina Christakis is a partner at Pilgrim Christakis LLP, a financial services litigation boutique based in Chicago.  Her practice focuses on the defense of banks, housing and auto finance companies, retailers, loan servicers, credit card issuers, short term lenders, debt buyers and debt collectors in individual and class action cases filed in state and federal courts. Katrina also represents clients in general commercial litigation matters, including inter-creditor disputes, title and lien priority disputes, breach of privacy and breach of contract actions.

Michael Thurman of Thurman Legal defends companies and their executives in state and federal consumer protection regulatory investigations and civil enforcement actions as well as private civil class actions. He advises and counsels companies on implementing compliance procedures focused on avoiding potential regulatory and private actions using "Litigation Readiness" principles.

John Bedard is the managing attorney of Bedard Law Group, P.C. located in Atlanta, Georgia. John represents creditors, asset buyers, and debt collectors helping them stay in compliance with state and federal law. He also manages the nationwide litigation for several collection agencies and focuses his litigation practice on FDCPA, TCPA, and FCRA defense.