Debt collection outreach is more complex than ever as 2021 has seen major regulatory developments including the Facebook vs. Duguid and Hunstein v. Preferred Collections decisions. Compounding that challenge is the continued rise in call blocking efforts and technology. Join this discussion with industry legal and technology experts as they highlight how these trends will inevitably impact your approach to driving cure rates.

Join Mark Mallah of LiveVox; Christine Reilly of Manatt Phelps & Phillips, LLP; and Ryan Thurman of Contact Center Compliance as they discuss:

● How April’s Supreme Court decision in Facebook Inc. v. Duguid and the Eleventh Circuit Hunstein decision furthers the impact on contact center compliance and operational policies
● The upcoming STIR/SHAKEN June 20th deadline
● Avoiding potential landmines and examining the nuances of these requirements
● Recommendations for evolving your digital engagement and contact strategy
● How to enact an efficient strategy that yields optimized financial results.

Don’t miss out on these key insights that will be imperative to long-term contact center success.