The CFPB's New Rules for Debt Collection are here -- and we have a webinar to get your oriented, looking at what stayed in after the comment period of the NPRM, what didn't make it (and why that may be a problem), and what, if anything was added.

You will find a copy of the slide deck and the full playback by clicking the Watch Now button.

Our panel for this webinar:

- Rozanne Andersen, Ontario Systems
- John Bedard, Bedard Law Group
- Stefanie Jackman, Ballard Spahr
- Joann Needleman, Clark Hill
- Abigail Pressler, NCB

This webinar has been made free for attendees thanks to our generous sponsors:

- TransUnion
- RevSpring
- Enformion
- Ontario Systems
- LiveVox

- Neustar