DULUTH, Ga. -- Crown Asset Management, a receivables acquisition and management firm in Duluth, GA, is proud to share our recent participation in the inspiring and heartwarming Best Buddies Friendship Walk 2023. We truly believe in the power of community and giving back, and we encourage everyone to join us in supporting this wonderful cause.

About the event

The Best Buddies Friendship Walk is an annual event that takes place in various locations across the country. This year, on Saturday, April 22nd, the Atlanta, GA walk was held at the picturesque Blackburn Park in Brookhaven, Georgia. The event brings people together to celebrate friendships and promote inclusivity for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). As part of our corporate social responsibility, we were honored to contribute to Best Buddies International's mission and participate in the event.

Event highlights

The Friendship Walk features several exciting activities designed to engage participants and create a fun, inclusive environment for all. Some highlights of this year's event included:


  • A 0.4-mile walk, accessible for all ages and abilities;
  • A delicious pancake bar hosted by Snooze Eatery, ensuring everyone was well-fed and energized;
  • A variety of yard games and inflatables for attendees to enjoy;
  • Crafts and fun photo ops, adding a touch of creativity and color to the festivities;
  • And live entertainment, including an enthusiastic DJ and energetic skits that kept spirits high throughout the day.

Team building and community impact

Participating in the Friendship Walk served as an excellent team-building opportunity for our staff at Crown Asset Management. Together, we shared a memorable experience while giving back to our community and supporting a cause that aligns with our values of fairness and respect. The event also allowed us to connect with other local businesses and organizations, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration in our community.

Fundraising opportunities

We made a difference! With collective efforts, we supported Best Buddies International by creating opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, leadership development, and inclusive living for people with IDD. In addition, participating in the walk and related fundraising events allowed us to contribute to a more inclusive society where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Celebrating top fundraisers and teams

We wholeheartedly extend our appreciation to everyone who has championed the cause of Best Buddies in Georgia, with a special mention to the top fundraisers and teams. Your steadfast dedication, relentless hard work, and unyielding commitment have made a profound impact on the lives of individuals with IDD. As we eagerly await next year's walk, your passion for change and your devotion to fostering a world where everyone can thrive inspires us. We look forward to seeing even more people join us in this remarkable endeavor.

Getting involved

Curious to learn more about Best Buddies International and the Friendship Walk? Dive into the details at bestbuddiesfriendshipwalk.org/georgia where you can learn how to actively take part in the walk, make a donation, or offer your valuable volunteer time. You can contribute significantly to making a difference and nurturing a more inclusive and supportive community.

Join in supporting this cause

Crown Asset Management is proud to have participated in the Best Buddies Friendship Walk 2023 and invites you to join them in supporting this incredible cause. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals with IDD and promote a more inclusive, compassionate world where everyone is valued and celebrated.

About Crown Asset Management

Founded in 2004, Crown Asset Management, LLC, is a professional receivables management firm that outsources purchased accounts to a nationwide, proprietary network of collection agencies and law firms. Utilizing a cutting-edge predictive analytical model during pre-purchase portfolio due diligence, our team focuses on achieving appropriate financial returns while ensuring the best possible experience for consumers. Crown Asset Management is an RMAI Certified Receivables Business headquartered in Duluth, GA.

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