BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- ARM Compliance Business Solutions is excited to announce that Debra Ciskey has joined the company as a Senior Compliance Advisor. In this role, Debra will navigate ARM Compliance Business Solutions’ clients through the ever-changing regulatory compliance requirements of consumer financial laws by enhancing their Compliance Management System through policy development and implementation, training development, service provider oversight, audit controls and risk assessments.Debra Ciskey

2023 marks Debra’s 43rd year working in the collection industry.  Her introduction to the industry began when she answered a newspaper ad for a librarian at a “private company,” which happened to be the American Collectors Association. Library maintenance was just a part of her job as the Assistant Director of Public Affairs at ACA. 

Debra compiled ACA’s first FDCPA Guide with legal citations, which also became the participant workbook, with annual updates for the first decade with which ACA offered its FDCPA Seminars. Debra became an ACA Certified Instructor in 1983 and was a regular stand-in, initially, when member-instructors had last-minute conflicts. She was promoted to Director of Education in 1985 and guided the faculty, trained new instructors, wrote numerous new offerings for ACA Education—seminars and products—and led the effort on the production of the first computer-based training product that ACA offered on FDCPA compliance. Serving as ACA’s most-tenured instructor, she has taught more than 225 ACA seminars. 


Debra left the ACA Staff in 1993 to join Anderson Financial Network, Inc., now known as Afni, Inc., where she was initially Director of Education, then Director of Compliance, until 2015. Debra was elected to the ACA board of directors in 2012 and served until her second term ended in 2018.  Debra directed compliance efforts at Wakefield & Associates during 2015-2019, then at CACi from 2020-2023. 

“I am delighted that Debra is joining the ARM Compliance Business Solutions team,” said Sara Woggerman, President of ARM Compliance Business Solutions. I have observed Debra’s leadership throughout the industry for many years and have admired her professionalism and clear explanations of complex operational and compliance issues. Her experience working for multiple companies throughout the industry and multiple industry changes will help our clients of all sizes.”

Debra stated, “I am thrilled to be joining the team at ARM Compliance Business Solutions! I’m looking forward to helping clients solve problems that often occur at the intersection of compliance and operations.  I like to think about the “and,” not the “or,” between compliance and ops, finding solutions that help collection agencies serve their clients and consumers.  I’ve also worked with creditors who needed to improve their internal collections and training processes. In today’s compliance world, we must have crucial conversations with clients as well, because regulators paint us all with the same brush.  My experience with auditors and enforcement staff will support our efforts as we move forward together.” 

About ARM Compliance Business Solutions, LLC. 

ARM Compliance Business Solutions, LLC. was formed in 2020 to provide professional advisory services to the accounts receivables management industry through its delivery of compliance risk assessments, outsourced compliance services, service provider oversight and role-based training. ARM Compliance Business Solutions is a recognized leader in compliance and operational strategies to improve the consumer experience and enhance business practices for their clients. For more information, visit or contact Sara Woggerman at

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