RICHMOND, Va. -- Bill Gosling Outsourcing recently partnered with Rahab’s Daughters and employed 100+ call center agents to provide relief to human trafficking victims in the Ontario region. Working alongside the Mississauga Nerve Centre, Bill Gosling agents in Canada (London and Newmarket) and Costa Rica (San Jose) provided 900+ hours of support, answering a 24/7 helpline for victims/informants and coordinating with local shelters to find beds for rescued victims. Thirty-five human beings were rescued from trafficking via these efforts. 

Bill Gosling Outsourcing is a global contact center headquartered in Newmarket, Ontario, and Rahab’s Daughters is an Illinois-based organization focused on combating human trafficking in the US. Rahab’s Daughters has affected profound and far-reaching impact, and, since 2015, they have rescued more than 1000 women and children from human trafficking. 

With shared core values strongly bonding both organizations, the management team of Bill Gosling Outsourcing, led by Natasha Singh (SVP of Operations), met with Rahab’s Daughters and created a plan of action to get involved. Through their expertise, Rahab’s Daughters identified that within the weeks surrounding the Super Bowl (one of the most significant annual events in the United States), around 10,000 women and children suffer from human trafficking – and that’s where Bill Gosling jumped in to assist. 

Bill Gosling Outsourcing was vocal in sharing this initiative with their client base, which resulted in generous client donations to support the 100+ volunteers with their work. The partnership with Rahab’s Daughters led to the following achievements:

  • A total of 660 incoming calls were answered
  • A total of 29,772 outgoing calls were made
  • 35 rescues were facilitated (10 children and 25 adults)
  • 200 makeup bags, 150 homeless bags, 600 “You are treasured” cards, and 500 tissue packets were donated

Sadly, there is still so much work to be done to combat human trafficking, and Bill Gosling is committing to support this initiative in the future. As Bill Gosling’s Natasha Singh notes, “There is even more planning and organizing to do with the Super Bowl in Las Vegas next year. Rahab’s Daughters will continue to face new challenges on the ground, and they need our help more than ever,” 

About Bill Gosling Outsourcing

Bill Gosling Outsourcing is an organization that goes beyond day-to-day business routines and looks for opportunities to make an impact in the community, with the intention of making lives better one connection at a time. 

Natasha Singh, SVP, Operations Natasha led the Rahab’s Daughters initiative from the Bill Gosling side. 1-647-267-0955,

Or contact Joel MacCharles, SVP, Learning, Innovation, and Communications 1-416-737-7532,

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