DALLAS, TX -- The Hampton Pryor Group International (HPGI) is proud  to sponsor and support the Kishanje Highlands High School (Juna Amagara) located in Rubanda, Uganda. As part of this sponsorship, HPGI spearheaded a private fundraiser to make some much needed renovations to the school’s facilities. The Rev. Dr. Ben Tumuheirwe, Founder and Director of the school stated “ Hampton Pryor Group International made it possible for the school to be given a fresh coat of paint in every classroom, dormitory and all office space. Additionally, their generosity provided for the construction of user friendly stairways on the sloping hillside campus.” 

HPGI became acquainted with the school through the wife of Joe Adams, Chairman and CEO. “My wife has sponsored the tuition and fees for  a group of female students for a number of years, and I began to do the same for an equal number of male students last year.  When I had the chance to visit the school in 2022, I noticed that the facilities could use a facelift. In addition to making a significant corporate contribution, we enlisted the assistance of members of our extended family, that generously allowed Kishanje High School to make additional improvements.”

In January 2023, Joe, his wife Anne and daughter Johannah had the opportunity to travel back to the school and see firsthand the improvements made. The students put on a program, and a number of students spoke in gratitude of the renovations and school sponsorships. A plaque was unveiled recognizing the contributions of HPGI and the other sponsors.

About Hampton Pryor Group International (HPGI)

Now celebrating its 20th year in existence, HPGI is a leader in providing compliance, training, operations  and SOC audit assistance to banks, credit unions, collection agencies, mortgage servicers, call centers and debt purchasers. With offices in the United States, Kenya and Uganda, HPGI continues to offer “world class” service to its ever-growing client base.

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