POTOMAC, Md. — insideARM, the industry's premiere source for in-depth collections industry news and analysis, and The iA Institute are proud to announce the launch of Collections & Recovery, a brand-new industry resource designed specifically for consumer lending professionals in collections and recovery strategy, vendor oversight, or compliance. 

The new resource covers evolving trends and practices in digital collections, compliance and vendor management, omnichannel communication strategy, consumer behavior data, and more. Sign up for the free, weekly Collections & Recovery newsletter here.

“We could see that there was an information gap for collections & recovery professionals at creditors. There was certainly a need for insight about collections strategy, but also for legal and compliance analysis.” said Erin Kerr, Director of Content for Collections & Recovery. “Strategy, technology, and compliance are deeply intertwined, especially in today’s regulatory environment. Creditors want to know how their efforts compare to the efforts of other creditors. They want to know about new regulations, but specifically how those regulations affect their collections efforts. We created Collections & Recovery as a source for both timely collections news and in-depth analysis.”

Collections & Recovery grew out of - and replaces - iA Strategy & Tech, an industry resource from insideARM focused on collections strategy and digital collections. Collections & Recovery covers some of the same subjects as insideARM, but approaches all topics from the creditor's point-of-view. 

Recent articles from Collections & Recovery include: 


About the iA Institute

The iA Institute is a media company that provides news, education, events and community for professionals in consumer finance. Our initiatives cover three broad audiences: 3rd party collectors and debt buyers, creditor executives in collections and recovery, and female professionals across financial services. 

Learn more about The iA Institute here.

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