MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- DCM Services, LLC (“DCMS”), the industry leader in data and contact management solutions for the estate and specialty receivables recovery market, has become the newest business affiliate member of the Telecommunications Risk Management Association (“TRMA”). This new partnership will be mutually beneficial, allowing both organizations to share best practices, benchmarking data, and other relevant information to elevate the industry.

DCMS brings a wealth of industry and operational experience in the telecommunications industry and looks forward to working closely with TRMA to share this expertise. Subsequently, TRMA is able to provide the networking forums and tools necessary to disseminate relevant information to its diverse member base.

Senior Vice President of Business Development, Tiffany Jansen said, “DCMS is ecstatic to become members of the TRMA community. We look forward to learning even more about best practices in this industry and are eager to share our in-depth knowledge about the specialty receivables space, something we feel is very unique that we can bring to the TRMA table. The benchmarking activity, conferences and networking will be invaluable to us as we move into 2022.”

TRMA is an industry forum for risk management professionals from the Telecommunications, Pay TV, Utility, Waste Management and other industries to collaborate, understand, and share best practices related to acquisition risk management, customer lifecycle and uncollectible debt issues among its members. TRMA has served as a professional resource devoted to industry leaders from member companies. TRMA’s diverse organization serves as a forum for communication and utility-based risk management professionals while creating a community for members to share best practices, access tools and benchmarking data relevant to the dynamic industry, and balance risk.

Executive Director of TRMA, Jose Segarra said, “We are very excited to have DCM Services as our Business Affiliate member. As a Business Affiliate, DCM Services will collaborate with TRMA throughout the year. As this relationship grows, I look forward to learning from their expertise and welcoming them to our spring meeting in 2022.”

Learn more about DCM Services and TRMA online.

About TRMA

TRMA is a professional resource that is sought by industry leaders. It is a growing, diverse, and global organization that delivers quality information forums and strategies relevant to our members’ changing and dynamic industries. The mission of TRMA is to promote cooperation within the Telecommunications, Pay TV, Utility, Waste Management and other industries to effectively balance risk while reducing fraud and uncollectibles for the benefit of our industry and paying customers.

About DCM Services

Minneapolis-based DCM Services is the industry leader in providing estate and specialty services, including bankruptcy and probate claim filing solutions. DCMS’ diverse client base includes 9 of the top 11 financial services institutions, more than half of the nation’s largest and most prestigious healthcare systems, and organizations spanning the telecom, retail, and auto industries. Its recovery solutions offer a full range of services from proprietary web-based solutions to full outsourcing, maintaining an unmatched spectrum of innovative solutions that increase recoveries, protect brand value, and enhance survivor relationships – with respect and sensitivity. For more information on all DCM Services’ offerings, please visit www.dcmservices.com.

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